1 strand rutile quartz tear drop smooth 8” long strand gemstone beads, jewelry supplies for jewelry making, bulk beads, for meditation jewellery for Reiki Healing  gemstone size 8mm to 12mm Painting – Watercolor on Paper $43 Description
1) Painting by Amol Bagade – Watercolor on Paper
2) Art & Beyond is an art consultancy firm known for curating intelligent art experiences.
3) Size 12X12 inches.
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Anxiety Gemstone 6mm Stretchable Sky Blue Larimar Bracelet Rondelle, Smooth 7″ for mens, womens, gf, bf & Adult. Natural African bloodstone stretchable 7 inch bracelet Healing/prosperity $75.99 This unique gemstone beads Bracelet is handcrafted by our artisan
Each peice is of high quality.
Natural african bloodstone 10 mm round smooth beads
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Blue Diamond and Black Welo Opal Gold Necklace, Raw Uncut Precious Diamond Jewelry, Bar Necklace ,April, October Birthstone 2.5-3mm Code- WAR6676 Painting Ganesha
Acrylic on
$596 Canvas painting by artist Pradeesh Raman

About the artist:
Born in a small village in Azhikode, Kannur in Kerala, India, Pradeesh Raman is a self-taught artist. He has completed his Diploma in Photography from the National Institute of Photography, Mumbai.
Raman’s journey began as a freelancer photographer and as a photographer, he is known for combining several pieces of images to create a story. Photography inspired him to dive deep into the experiences of the World around him and pick up moments from it to narrate it into his artworks. The colours used by him are soft yet seem to glow on the canvas. Faces are portrayed in bold colours and different patterns, flowers and shades provide an attractive contrast between the subject and the backdrop. His unique style combines photographs, airbrush, acrylic inks and digital prints to form a striking work of art.
The artist’s works have been published in various magazines and newspapers and have been displayed in exhibitions.
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Natural azurite chalcedony 10  mm round smooth beads stretchable 7 inch bracelet . Healing/meditation/prosperity Ombre necklace
Gradient stone
Multicolor stone
$68.99 Ombre necklace, Gradient stone,
Multicolor stones - Amethyst Tourmaline, Green Purple, rainbow
Boho, romantic, unique colorful, Nature lover
Each piece is of high quality.
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Natural rutilated quartz 10 mm round smooth beads stretchable 7 inch bracelet . Healing/meditation/prosperity Farm Animal & Football Mask $16.95 Made of Breathable Dense cotton, Soft elastic and Ties
Customizable. Can make a Different size as per your requirement.
Three Layered
Double Sided – Comfortably wear from both sides
Washable, Reusable
Best in Quality

Size: 5 3/4 in (H) x 9 in (W) x 3 3/4 in (Sides)

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